Welcome To Air Share

Backup or Transfer your Photos & Files, to your PC or Mac!

The easiest way to backup your photos or transfer files from your iOS device to PC or Mac & vice-versa.


Easy of Use,
Also does an awesome job!

Air Share is very easy to use, for you to be more productive!

transfer photos 1

Transfer Photos

Backup Photos on PC or Transfer to your iOS device.

files 2

Supports Any Files

Transfer any file types to play, view or export to other apps.

player 3

Inbuilt Player

Play most of your audio or video files within the app.

usb 4

Use it like USB

Transfer over Wifi & use it like USB to carry files everywhere!

Do more over Wifi

No cables needed!
Transfer over Wifi

Backup your photos or transfer files over Wifi within seconds.

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Save Text Memos from PC too!

Save Text Memos
from any computer!

Works like clipboard.
Save text from Mac, Windows & even Linux!

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Play audio files within the app!

Play audio or video
Within the app!

Play any type of audio or video file
or export them to your favorite app.

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Backup your iOS device contacts!

Import or Export
your contacts to PC!

Import contacts from PC
or backup and export to one!

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Transfer from PC to your iOS Device

Transfer files using any browser you like!

Use any browser on your Mac, PC or Linux system, Type the address given on the device then just drag & drop the files!

Just Drag & Drop

Just drag & drop files in browser to transfer easily.

Internet Not Needed!

Wifi doesn't have internet?
No problem, it just works!

Transfer Large Files

Transfer multiple files or large files in one go with ease.

File Segregation

Air Share automatically segregates different file types.

iPhone User

As a photographer, I keep backing up my photos using Air Share, I copy it to my PC and later save it to my external HDD.

iPad User

I am a Windows user and needed some app to transfer files to my iPad to that I can carry it always, so Air Share to the rescue!

iPhone User

I had a lot of vintage audio files on my PC, I used Air Share to transfer it on my iPhone so that I can listen to them on the go.

Easy Subscription

Subscribe quarterly, half yearly or yearly...

Lifetime Limited Access
$ 0


Try Free with Limited Access

  • Transfer 10 files ( Max 10mb each )
  • Backup up to 10 photos to your PC
  • Send 10 photos to iOS device
Full Access Quarterly
$ 2.99


Backup or Transfer Unlimited Files

  • Transfer unlimited files of any size
  • Backup unlimited photos to PC
  • Send unlimited photos to iOS device
Most Popular
Full Access Half Yearly
$ 4.99

/Half Yearly

Backup or Transfer Unlimited Files

  • Transfer unlimited files of any size
  • Backup unlimited photos to PC
  • Send unlimited photos to iOS device

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most common questions asked by users:

Do I need Internet to use Air Share?

The file transfer happens over any Wifi, you don't need internet at all to transfer file over your Wifi using Air Share.

Can I transfer any type of files using Air Share?

Yes, you can transfer any type of file using Air Share, some files you can view, play inside Air Share itself, you can also export those files to other supporting apps.

Can I transfer files from other apps to PC using Air Share?

Absolutely, all you have to do is export the file to Air Share app from the other app & then simply download on your PC.

I have over 10,000+ photos, can I download them on my PC?

Yes, you can backup & download unlimited photos & files to your PC if you are using any subscription plan.

Can I transfer files from Windows or a Linux PC?

Yes, you can transfer files to Air Share using any browser running on any type of Operating System

Does Air Share backup my files to Cloud?

No, All your files will either be on your iPhone / iPad or on your PC, Air Share is a standalone utility app and doesn't backup or upload files to any cloud server.

Why Air Share needs my Location & Contacts permission?

Due to certain rules set by Apple, we need location permission to know your Wifi name so that we can display which Wifi you are connected to, you can deny the permission if you know which Wifi is your iOS device connected to. The contacts permission is requested when you want to backup your contacts to your PC. We do not have access to your contacts as it is a standalone utility app & can work even without internet.

Why Air Share needs photos permission ?

Air Share needs photos permission so that it can display thumbnail on the Browser from where you can select & also download your photos to your PC.

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