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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most common questions asked by users:

Do I need Internet to use Air Share?

The file transfer happens over any Wifi, you don't need internet at all to transfer file over your Wifi using Air Share.

Can I transfer any type of files using Air Share?

Yes, you can transfer any type of file using Air Share, some files you can view, play inside Air Share itself, you can also export those files to other supporting apps.

Can I transfer files from other apps to PC using Air Share?

Absolutely, all you have to do is export the file to Air Share app from the other app & then simply download on your PC.

I have over 10,000+ photos, can I download them on my PC?

Yes, you can backup & download unlimited photos & files to your PC if you are using any subscription plan.

Can I transfer files from Windows or a Linux PC?

Yes, you can transfer files to Air Share using any browser running on any type of Operating System

Does Air Share backup my files to Cloud?

No, All your files will either be on your iPhone / iPad or on your PC, Air Share is a standalone utility app and doesn't backup or upload files to any cloud server.

Why Air Share needs my Location & Contacts permission?

Due to certain rules set by Apple, we need location permission to know your Wifi name so that we can display which Wifi you are connected to, you can deny the permission if you know which Wifi is your iOS device connected to. The contacts permission is requested when you want to backup your contacts to your PC. We do not have access to your contacts as it is a standalone utility app & can work even without internet.

Why Air Share needs photos permission ?

Air Share needs photos permission so that it can display thumbnail on the Browser from where you can select & also download your photos to your PC.

Can I export or import my contacts using Air Share?

Yes, you can export your iPhone or iPad contacts to your PC or transfer a VCF file from PC to Air Share app & then open the file to Import contacts into iPhone or iPad. Please check out tutorial section to know more...

Can I copy text from Mac, Windows / Linux System ?

Yes, with Air Share you can copy texts from Mac, Windows / Linux System to Air Share app for using the text on your iOS device later.

Can I copy bookmark links from other PCs to Air Share?

Yes, just open the Air Share web app on your browser & you will be able to paste links in bookmarks textfield to use it on your iOS device. The bookmarks saved on your Air Share apps can be opened in Safari Browser or it can be copied to send it via other apps.

Can I use my own device hotspot to transfer files ?

Air Share app won't work if you are using the same hotspot of the device you are trying to use Air Share app on. You can use another device or Wifi and then try Air Share app.

I am connected to same Wifi, but I am not able to open Air Share web app.

The first step would be to try & use the browser in Incognito mode, this usually works, as some of your browser extension might be interfering with the connection. Your system admin at work might block local connections, try a different Wifi. Your Wifi router might have strict rules, please ease them out. Checkout the tutorial page to check if you are following steps correctly. You can contact us at : support@dropouts.in

Can I copy files to one iOS device to sync the files with others too?

No, Air Share does not use cloud components to sync your files. If you have copied files from PC to your iPhone you would need to repeat it if you want to copy to another iPhone or iPad.

Can I play videos of different file format in Air Share?

Yes, you can play .mkv, .mp4, .mov, .avi & many more with the inbuilt video player.

If I need support, what might be the support team response time?

Usually we respond instantly to your queries, but we always work hard towards to give you a resolution within 24 hours. Please mail us directly at : support@dropouts.in

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